Corteva is committed to bringing new technologies to the marketplace in a responsible manner and promotes practicing responsible Insect Resistance Management, Herbicide Resistance Management and Grain Marketing decisions.

Patents Covered by The Pioneer Technology Agreement

Corteva TUA

As a trait developer, Corteva helps ensure our traits are grown and marketed in a way that meets all regulatory requirements. Growers must sign a Technology Use Agreement before obtaining, planting, or growing seed containing Corteva traits. Sign the Technology Use Agreement below to cover all Corteva traits, including the Enlist™ trait. The Update Notification, which communicates important information to you about new and existing Corteva Sourced Technologies as well as any new or modified terms in the Technology Use Agreement, is incorporated into the Technology Use Agreement.

There are three ways to sign a Corteva TUA:

  • Adobe SignConvenient and secure way to sign electronically. Click here to sign.  Growers will receive a follow-up email to confirm their email address, then a signed copy of the Corteva TUA will be sent to the grower.
  • AgCelerateCorteva TUA can be signed online at with direct access to a TUA Portal where you can manage updates easily online.  License numbers are issued immediately when a Corteva TUA is signed on AgCelerate.
  • PaperFor growers who prefer paper submissions, those who may have internet accessibility issues and those who do not have an email address. Click here to download the paper copy.

Contact your local Pioneer representative if you have any questions or require assistance with signing the Corteva TUA.

Other Technology Use Agreements:

Product Use Guide

The Product Use Guide provides technical information about the Pioneer insect control and herbicide tolerant products and sets forth requirements and guidelines for the use of these products. Please read all of the information pertaining to the technology you will be using, including stewardship and related information.

Learn more about the various seed trait technologies.

2019 Canada Product Use Guide

Material Safety Data Sheets

Non-Gmo Validation Certificates

Weed Resistance Management

Growers have widely embraced herbicide tolerance technology because it provides convenient, effective and economical weed control in crops. However, intensive long-term use of any single herbicide mode of action can lead to the development of weed resistance. Integrated management practices can minimize this risk, while at the same time providing growers with a more consistent and effective weed control program.

Learn more here

Corn Refuge Hybrid Selector

To help growers properly implement a refuge, Pioneer has partnered with industry Bt corn technology providers, the Ontario Corn Committee and the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition (CCPC) to build a Corn Refuge Hybrid Selector. This calculator is designed to help growers plan how to meet the minimum refuge requirements for each of the Bt corn products on their farms. Visit:

Seed Applied Technology Stewardship

Seed treatment management and responsible stewardship play a vital role in sustaining our environment while maximizing crop health. Responsible stewardship practices help maintain seed and seed treatment integrity, which keeps the active ingredient on the seed to achieve the maximum crop health benefit for the investment.

See the Government of Canada’s Pollinator Protection and Responsible Use of Treated Seed -Best Management Practices