Tips for Managing Nitrogen


Get tips on how to effectively manage your nitrogen (N) fertilizer investment.

Timing Nitrogen Applications to Corn
Applying N at multiple times, including the time of maximum crop uptake, can spread the risk of N loss and crop deficiency, improve profitability by reducing N rates, and benefit the environment.

Determining Optimum Nitrogen Rates for Corn
Learn more about newly developed strategies for determining N rates and improving N use efficiency in corn production.

Rescue Nitrogen Applications to Corn
Get tips on evaluating N losses, best practices for rescue N applications and expected corn response.

Assessing and Managing Nitrogen Losses in Corn
Excessive rainfall can lead to N losses and presents challenges for re-supplying a deficient crop. Get tips on assessing and managing N losses.

Nitrogen Loss Due to Excessive Rain
If heavy rain occurs in June, growers may want to consider applying additional N later to fields that have experienced ponding. Learn more.

Protecting Your Nitrogen Fertilizer Investment
N is a nutrient easily lost from the soil with heavy rainfall, prolonged ponding or saturated soils. Learn how to effectively manage your N fertilizer investment.

Using Crop Sensors to Improve Corn Nitrogen Management
Read why some growers are considering alternative N management strategies that improve N use efficiency.

Nitrogen Uptake in Corn - Old vs. New Hybrids
Recent DuPont Pioneer and university research gives new insights into the timing of N uptake and sources of N utilization by corn.

Common Nitrogen Fertilizers and Stabilizers for Corn Production
The risk of N loss depends on field and climate conditions, type of fertilizer, and whether a stabilizer is used. Learn more about anhydrous ammonia, urea, and urea-ammonium nitrate solutions, and N stabilizers that may help prevent N losses when using these fertilizers.

Controlled-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers
Controlled-release N fertilizers can reduce N losses by delaying the initial release of N and providing it gradually to better match its availability with crop uptake needs.

Hybrid Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer: Are There Differences?
Should growers manage N differently from hybrid to hybrid? Get a summary of field research conducted by Pioneer and university researchers. Also learn about Pioneer's efforts to develop hybrids that have increased ability to utilize N.



Use this information as a guide and it should not be the only factor in making decisions.



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