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Boost Your Forage Performance With Crop-Specific Inoculants

Make the most of your forage crops with Pioneer® brand inoculants. Designed to maximize forage performance, our crop-specific inoculants improve fermentation, aerobic stability and fiber digestibility.

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Innovative Inoculant Technologies Help Maximize Feed

Pioneer® brand inoculant technologies are designed to maximize feed performance by optimizing the desirable traits of your forages.

Rapid React® Technology

11B91 family bottles

Pioneer® brand inoculants with Rapid React® technology is a significant advancement that quickly turns your forages into bunk-ready, stable feed. This technology creates stable feed in just seven days, meaning you can feed your new-crop forages one week after harvest. Rapid React technology optimizes feed resources by maintaining a cool bunker face, minimizing dry matter losses and extending bunklife.

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Nutrivail® Feed Technology

11AFT Family bottles

Pioneer® brand inoculants with Nutrivail® feed technology improves nutrient availability for cattle, making the most of your homegrown forage. It reduces the need for protein and energy supplements by rapidly lowering pH and inhibiting yeast growth to prolong silage bunklife. Proprietary bacterial strains in Nutrivail technology produce enzymes that enhance fiber digestibility and enable using higher levels of forage in the ration.

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Find the Right Inoculant for Every Crop

Maximize the performance of your crops with Pioneer® brand inoculants, designed to get more mileage from your acres.

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Manage for Top Performance

Increase your forage production and quality with improved production practices. Use the latest agronomic resources and information, straight from our experts in the field.

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The Silage Zone® Resource Center

From planting through storage and feeding, the Silage Zone® Resource is your one-stop source for every stage of forage production. Get cutting-edge management tips straight from the global Pioneer team of agronomists and nutritionists.

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