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Establish healthy, uniform crops and maximize productivity with LumiGEN™ technologies. This advanced seed treatment lineup from Corteva Agriscience is rapidly expanding and offers industry-leading protection for your Pioneer® brand seed. You’ll find the right seed protection for your acres in our diverse lineup.

LumiGEN™ technologies protect your investment with best-in-class seed treatment. You can plant with confidence knowing your seeds and seedlings have advanced protection against pests, disease and uncertain soil conditions during the critical early growth period.

Diverse, Growing Lineup Maximizes Productivity

Midseason soybean

Corteva Agriscience works in-house and with third-party collaborators to offer an innovative lineup of fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and biologicals that offers the right combination of protection to every acre. Our advanced seed treatment delivers optimal value and performance in your fields to establish a beautiful, uniform crop stand.

Unmatched Scalability, Thorough Testing

Inspecting emergence soybeans

With our robust testing infrastructure and scalability, including the Center for Seed Applied Technologies, Pioneer thoroughly evaluates products throughout development. We extensively test every component across multiple years, geographies, environments, the genetics spectrum and with different planting equipment. Seed treatment recipes and ingredients are tested on Pioneer genetics in field trials to confirm seed and chemistry compatibility. This ensures we deliver industry-leading protection for your seed investment.

Enhanced Plant Health and Vigor

Emergence soybean

Our seed treatment delivers maximum value and protection. You can rely on LumiGEN™ technologies to help you establish a healthier, more vigorous crop for a strong start and greater yield potential.

Product Offerings

Our rapidly expanding seed treatment portfolio is built on a proven foundation. LumiGEN™ technologies deliver best-in-class protection to optimize the elite genetic potential of your Pioneer® brand seed.

emergence corn field

Corn Seed Treatment

Your corn is protected against a broad spectrum of early season pests.

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Inspecting soybean field

Soybean Seed Treatment

Give soybeans an unrivaled level of protection against Phytophthora with Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment.

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Sorghum field

Sorghum, Wheat and Sunflowers

Establish healthy crops and maximize productivity with seed treatment that match your crop needs.

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